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Blogs are the latest hype everybody wants to be part of. Fact is, that maintaining a blog demands time, skills and dedication. Who has time to do this.

In the tradition of the Internet Marketing Tools website; "Always deliver more than expected" we created a viral blog.

Yes, a blog that is maintained by us, but features all your favorite affiliate links with your affiliate id inserted.

Please click here to learn more about this amazing tool. BTW: It's completely FREE.

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Affiliate Program

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Join The IMT Global Affiliate Program!

Why should I join?

Why not? It's free to become an affiliate, and you can earn revenue from your Web site with very little effort. When your visitors click through to IMT Global, we track their online purchases and credit your account. We handle the entire ordering process - all you do is cash the check!

Digital information products are big business - over one $billion/year in the US alone. You can have a piece of that pie if you send your website visitors to IMT Global, and they'll benefit from a fast, easy way to purchase digital information products like software and electronic books at the best prices on the Internet.

As a special bonus we offer a free ad tracking service to track your advertising campaigns. This is usually only available as a paid service. We think that this should be a standard service for affiliates to track their efforts and make more informed decisions.

How much do affiliates earn?

The IMT Global affiliate program is a classic affiliate program that has a generous commission rate of up to 60% of the sale amount. (Click the Sign Me Up link below for complete details.) We offer a cookie life span of 999 days. This means the same customer you referred to us returns within 999 DAYS  and makes another purchase, you get paid for that sale too.

Get Paid to Give Away FREE Stuff

The IMT Global Affiliate Program contains several free or trial products that pay a download commission. This means you get paid to give away our products. No hassle, no hard sale, just handing out our products.

How do I get paid?

We use eCommerce Automation EA, a trusted E-commerce software for verification, reporting and payment processing. If your earned commission has reached USD 25.00 or more, we will send you a check by mail between the 15th and the last day of the following month. If you earned less than USD 25.00 your commission will be rolled over into the next month's earnings. A 30 day waiting period is enforced to prevent commission fraud.

Sounds great! How can I join?

Read the Affiliate Agreement below, agree to our policies. When done,  Just click on the link at the end of this page, and fill out the application form. It's quick, simple, and free. And remember, you can earn commissions even on your own purchases! As soon as your application goes through you can choose from our banners and text links to start linking and earning money right away.

We adhere to a strict double opt-in policy. This means that your affiliate account has to be verified by clicking on a verification link via email. If your email provider mistakenly considers this email as spam, please use another email account. You have to verify your email or your account will not be activated.

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