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Blogs are the latest hype everybody wants to be part of. Fact is, that maintaining a blog demands time, skills and dedication. Who has time to do this.

In the tradition of the Internet Marketing Tools website; "Always deliver more than expected" we created a viral blog.

Yes, a blog that is maintained by us, but features all your favorite affiliate links with your affiliate id inserted.

Please click here to learn more about this amazing tool. BTW: It's completely FREE.

Proudly listed on: - Affiliate Programs Directory
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Affiliate Program

Top Affiliate - An Optimized Affiliate Directory
Featuring in-depth affiliate program reviews, articles, affiliate program discussion, a programs dictionary, and our unique set of webmaster tools.

Features Of The IMT Global eCommerce Automations System


  • Allows your customers to make single purchases or buy as many items as they want with a single transaction - never leaving your site
  • Instantly connects to your PayPal, 2CheckOut, or account allowing you to start taking orders in minutes!
  • Customize your order pages to keep the look and feel of your site.
  • Categorize products and services. Make it easy for your customers to find what they want.
  • Instant digital delivery and multiple shipping options for hard goods.
  • Customize shipping charges and tax rates to suit any situation.
  • Manual sales entry option.
  • Recurring billing options for subscriptions and membership sites.
  • In depth reporting includes clicks, sale conversions, costs, and profit by day, month, or year.


  • Create tracking links for any purpose - emails, website links, ad campaigns, banners, pay per clicks and more. Know exactly where each sales dollar is coming from.
  • NO LIMITATIONS - this system can handle any workload you require.
  • Analyze total clicks, unique clicks, sales amount, subscriber signups, affiliate signups, conversion, gross revenues, and profits.


  • Run unlimited numbers of affiliate programs for unlimited domains and web pages.
  • Set up an affiliate program for each product or service you sell, or create a single affiliate hub for all your products.
  • Customize your affiliate area to keep the look and feel of your website.
  • One or two-tier commission payout using a flat percentage or customize your percentages for each individual product.
  • Customize commissions for individual affiliates to enhance joint venture deals or to give heavy hitters a special incentive.
  • Make your affiliate program public or by invitation only.
  • Fully automated commission payments made through PayPal at intervals and payment levels that you set.
  • Professional affiliate center where affiliates can login to view their stats, commissions, and sub-affiliate performance, set up tracking URLs for their own campaigns, retrieve links, graphics, and promotional materials for your products.


  • Lightning fast automatic response to all opt-in requests.
  • Configure unlimited autoresponders and lists with unlimited follow-up messages and unlimited subscribers. This system can handle it all!
  • HTML and text email options with customized headers, footers, and full message personalization.
  • Send special broadcast mailings to any list anytime - great for last minute promotions.
  • Automatically manage individual subscribers from one list to another (example: move from prospect list to buyer list after purchase.)
  • Option to block email from any domain (example: free servers like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. to keep freebie seekers off your lists.)
  • Instant subscription form and pop up form generation - no coding skills required.

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