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Blogs are the latest hype everybody wants to be part of. Fact is, that maintaining a blog demands time, skills and dedication. Who has time to do this.

In the tradition of the Internet Marketing Tools website; "Always deliver more than expected" we created a viral blog.

Yes, a blog that is maintained by us, but features all your favorite affiliate links with your affiliate id inserted.

Please click here to learn more about this amazing tool. BTW: It's completely FREE.

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Technical Support FAQ's

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General Features

1. What are the basic functions and features of this system?


You can set up an unlimited number of autoresponders. For example you could have an autoresponder that gives followup information on an ebook you sell, a service you sell, and a "hard" product you sell. These are all kept track of separately.

You can have an unlimited number of follow-up messages in each autoresponder. For example you could have 7 follow-up emails for your ebook and 30 for your "hard" product (since it's more expensive perhaps).

You can have varied followup intervals for each message. For example you can send message 1 of autoresponder 1 immediately. Then message 2 in 3 days. On autoresponder 2 you can change the intervals according to your needs.

Each message can be sent out in plain text or using HTML.

Each message can be easily customized with 6 built-in fields (first name, last name, full name, company, site URL, email address). For example you can send out a message that says "Hi, Jack. This is just a quick follow-up to make sure your site ( is coming along. If you need any help let me know." Of course in this example Jack and the site name would be changed for each subscriber according to their own information.

Each message will allow the subscriber to easily unsubscribe.

Each message will be more Can SPAM compliant by including your mailing address. Note: This isn't legal advice or commentary hence the "more" comment.

You can choose to be notified each time a new person subscribes to one of your autoresponders. The enclosed information will have their name, email address, where they subscribed from (which form), and their IP address.

You can easily restart the entire sequence of messages for a particular subscriber. For example let's say there's some glitch and a person wants to receive your messages but hasn't been. You can restart it for him.

You can easily edit or delete any autoresponder message.

You can see a list of the recipients to a particular autoresponder as well as what day of the sequence they are on.

You can change the email address and the name that shows as the sender on each message. For example, if someone bought an ebook from you at they would expect all emails to be from there instead of

You can have a standard header and footer for each email that goes out. For example let's say you have some canned text like "Please remember to protect the environment". That text would be automatically entered in the message each time an email goes out.

You can easily send a one-time mailing to one of three groups (affiliates, customers, subscribers). You can also choose to send the mailing to subscribers of a particular autoresponder. For example you send out a weekly newsletter. You can use the broadcast feature to send this out. You can even "sub list" your list and have 3 different newsletters for the 3 built-in groups. What you say to affiliates would be different than what you would say to subscribers or customers.

You can filter obscene words in outgoing emails. This is particularly important if you are providing services for others who may send emails out of the system.

After a subscriber turns into a customer because of a purchase you can choose to move them over to a different autoresponder. This way you don't look like an idiot when you send a new customer another sales message to get them to buy (as long as they use the same email address both times).

You can disallow people from signing up with "free" email addresses like Hotmail. Technically you should be able to disallow someone from signing up from any unwanted domain like .

You can manually edit or delete any subscriber's information. For example if someone is troublesome you can just delete them and be done with them.

You can manually add a new subscriber. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS. For example if someone is having trouble signing up you can add them individually. Note that they won't receive a confirm message so you should be sure they won't cause you trouble in the future.

You can export all your subscribers from any autoresponders. The exported information that you can choose are: first name, last name, email address, URL, company name, phone, IP address, referrer, and date they signed up.

You can quickly and easily create HTML forms to put on your own site for people to sign up. You can choose from 6 built-in fields when building your form.

You can easily create a popup box to put on your site. The standard popup box includes first name, last name, and email address. You can quickly test the popup without uploading it first to make sure it works as expected.

If you are providing a service to others to use these features with their own accounts you can send those account holders a broadcast email.


You can sell through, 2Checkout or Paypal. Note: you must have an account with one of these 3 in order to process sales.

You can add a message that will be sent to your customers after their purchase. This will include their order information.

You can customize the order form pages to look more like your own site.

You can set up physical shipping rates based on price, weight or quantity. This should be automatically calculated when they purchase.

You can use Paypal for recurring billing. For example if you have a membership site you can set it up where they are automatically charged X dollars every X days until they cancel.

You can set up country and state sales taxes that will be automatically added to the order when the customer purchases.

For calculating shipping charges automatically you can list how much a product weighs.

You can choose, on a product by product basis, whether to charge shipping and taxes.

You can setup categories of products to make it easier for your customers to choose and buy from you. For example you could have an Ebook category and a separate Software category. The customer can choose to look at all the items in the Ebook category without looking at the items in the Software category.

You can easily add a thumbnail image as well as a bigger higher resolution image for each product.

You can easily choose how long to charge a customer for a recurring billing. You can have an initial price that is different from the recurring price. You can choose how often the recurring billing will take place.

You can setup a trial period for recurring billing. For example let's say you want to give a customer a 3 day free trial. They sign up for no charge and then on the 3rd day Paypal will automatically bill them for the recurring charge. Note that in order to use this the customer has to go through Paypal even for the free trial.

You can add custom "look and feel" to each product. You can add a header graphic, background graphic, change the colors and more.

You can choose whether to allow affiliates to sell a product on a case by case basis. You can also set commission rates for your affiliates per product.

You can manually add new sales. For example if there is a glitch somewhere or you just want to give a friend a free widget you can enter the information manually.

You can see, at a glance, how your sales are. The columns are: Clicks, Sales, Conversions, Income, Expenses, Net Profit.

You can easily export your sales data to industry standard CSV format. You can then use that data in Quickbooks or Excel or any program that can use the CSV format.

You can add options to products like Red, Green, Blue.


You can easily set up a two tier affiliate program. This can encourage more sales and more active affiliates.

You can set up different commission rates for each product.

You can easily set the duration of the cookie that is set on your affiliate's visitors computers.

You can customize your affiliate "center" so it looks more like your own website.

You can easily suspend troublesome affiliates. For example if one of your affiliates is caught spamming you can instantly suspend them from making more sales.

You can edit any affiliates information quickly and easily.

You can manually add a new affiliate. This would be great for JVs.

You can see at a glance a report of all affiliate sales.

You can easily set a minimum payout for affiliates. For example you might set a minimum payout of $25 in order to save on transaction fees.

You can quickly add new text or graphical ads for your affiliates to use.

You get an automated affiliate central to send your affiliates to. There they can see their statistics, get ads and links, see any stats for sub affiliates, change their details, etc.

Each affiliate gets access to an ad tracker so they can determine if any advertising is doing any good. This will help them be more successful and sell more for you.

Each affiliate who has earned a commission can have 3 statuses on those commissions: owed, voided, and paid. For example if a customer does a refund then you may want to void an affiliate's commission.

With one click of a button you can download information for affiliates so that you can pay them by check or via Paypal. You can then mark that affiliate as paid.

Ad Tracking

At a glance you can see how each of your ad trackers are doing. You can see Clicks, Sales, Income, Expenses, Profit, Opt-Ins, and Affiliates.

You can use this feature as a redirect utility. Once the link is clicked on they will be redirected to any site you choose. Note that this isn't limited to tracking ads only.

You can have an unlimited number of trackers.

You can use the integration feature so that it appears the link is on your site. For example the link might say

instead of

You can enter a campaign cost for each ad tracker.

Compared to X

Note: I will not name any names here. Most people know who the competition is. This isn't really designed to be a thorough comparison but more an exercise in learning what our system can and can't do so we can sell more than them no matter their features. Besides, comparing apples to oranges is better and smarter most times and features shouldn’t be the focus but the benefits.

1. Can the EA system accept any currency?

Currently the EA system operates through 3rd party card processors. If those processors accept multiple currencies then the EA "accepts" multiple currencies.

2. Can the EA system import current customers, products, subscribers, or other data?

Currently, no. Possible workaround: If you are technically savvy enough you could possibly import previous data into the database through myPHPAdmin IF the formats were compatible. Don't try this unless you are sure you know what you're doing!

3. Can the EA system bulk upload products with the accompanying data?

See the answer for #2.

4. Can the EA system notify the owner after a sale is made?

Yes this is built into the system.

5. Can the EA system send email notifications to multiple people (you and your shipping clerk)?

Not currently. This would be a great enhancement.

6. Can I customize the signup forms the EA system provides by adding my own fields?

Not currently.

7. Can the EA system provide autoresponders to my affiliates?

Not currently.

8. Does the EA system provide for automatic upsells?

Not currently.

9. Does the EA system provide automatic coupons or discounts or multiple order discounts?

Not currently.

10. If a credit card is declined does it automatically give the customer other payment options?

Not automatic but this could be handled manually.

11. Does the EA system provide product specific autoresponders?

Not automatically however this could easily be setup yourself.

12. Does the EA system provide email stats (open, bounce, etc.)?

Not currently.

13. Can I schedule when email broadcasts (newsletters) happen?

Not currently.

14. Can I turn off the confirmed email feature on a case by case basis?

Not currently. This is for your safety especially if others will be emailing using your script.

15. Can I break up the functions for different membership levels? I want some members to have email only and some members have sales plus affiliate capabilities, etc.

Not currently. Emphasize the all-in-one solution instead of having what you need sold to you piecemeal.

How Do I / Where Do I?

1. What are the various template tags I can use to customize emails with?

Your Site Related:

%%SiteName%% The name of your site (your domainname).
%%SiteAddress%% Your physical address part 1
%%SiteAddress2%% Your physical address part 2 (city,state, zip)
%%SitePhone%% Your phone number

Member Related (members are people who use your service - separate from customers even though they are a customer if you're charging them):

%%MemberFname%% Themember's first name
%%MemberLname%% Themember's last name
%%MemberEmail%% Themember's email address
%%MemberPass%% Themember's password

Subscriber Related:

%%SiteIp%% The IP addressthey subscribed from.
%%SiteRefer%% The URL theysubscribed from
%%SubscriberFname%% Thesubscriber's first name
%%SubscriberLname%% Thesubscriber's last name
%%SubscriberEmail%% Thesubscriber's email address

Affiliate Related:

%%AffiliateEmail%% The affiliate'semail address
%%AffiliateFname%% The affiliate'sfirst name
%%AffiliateLname%% The affiliate'slast name
%%AffiliateCname%% The affiliate'scompany name
%%AffiliatePhone%% The affiliate'sphone number
%%AffiliateAddress%% The affiliate'saddress
%%AffiliateCity%% The affiliate'scity
%%AffiliateState%% The affiliate'sstate
%%AffiliateZip%% The affiliate'szip
%%AffiliateCountry%% The affiliate'scountry
%%AffiliateSite%% The affiliate'swebsite
%%AffiliatePass%% The affiliate'spassword

Your Member's Affiliate Program Related:

%%SettingApname%% The name yougave for aff. prog. insettings
%%SettingApemail%% The email yougave for aff. prog. in settings

Customer Related:

%%CustomerEmail%% Customer'semail address
%%CustomerFname%% Customer'sfirst name
%%CustomerLname%% Customer's lastname
%%CustomerPhone%% Customer'sphone
%%CustomerAddress%% Customer'saddress
%%CustomerCity%% Customer's city
%%CustomerState%% Customer'sstate
%%CustomerZip%% Customer's zip
%%CustomerCountry%% Customer'scountry

Customer Shipping Related:

%%CustomerSname%% Name customerwants product shipped to
%%CustomerSaddress%% Addresscustomer wants product shipped to
%%CustomerScity%% City customerwants product shipped to
%%CustomerSstate%% State customerwants product shipped to
%%CustomerSzip%% Zip customerwants product shipped to
%%CustomerScountry%% Countrycustomer wants product shipped to

2. What is the difference between a member, customer, subscriber, and an affiliate??

Member: You would only have members if you were using the EA script and providing a service. If you were using the script for yourself only you would be the only member. A member can have customers, subscribers, and affiliates.

Customer: A customer is someone who buys one of your products or services. Customers can not have affiliates or subscribers.

Subscriber: Someone who signs up for an autoresponder sequence. A subscriber "belongs" to a member (you if you are the only member).

Affiliate: Someone who is trying to help you sell your products and services for a fee. Affiliates "belong" to a member.

A member can have technically unlimited number of customers, subscribers, or affiliates.

A customer can buy things from different members and the EA system keeps track of all purchases from different members separate.

An affiliate can be associated with different members and the EA system keeps track of them all while keeping them separate.

A subscriber can subscribe to any number of lists from different members and the EA system keeps track of them all but keeps them separate.

3. Do I have to install this script on each domain I want to use it from?

No. While you can do just that if you'd like, the EA system is designed to service multiple domains with their own products, affiliates, and subscribers from a central domain.

4. Where do I change the various language items? For example I want to change eCommerce Automation System to Jack's Coolest Automation System?

All language changes are made in the templates. If your EA system is installed at you would be able to change the templates at You can change the language in the emails at

5. Where do I send my affiliates to for their stats, etc.?

You can have your own affiliate center separate from system's if you'd like. Otherwise you direct them to the login information found at where they can log in, see their stats, set up an ad tracker, and get ads and links you've provided. The affiliate login page will be different by member so you should really get your link from the URL above.

6. Where do I send my potential affiliates to sign up?

See the answer to #5 above.

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